How can I overcome my fear of other people?

How can I overcome my fear of other people?

Do you consider yourself easy to intimidate or not easy to intimidate? Are there certain personality types that produce a certain level of fear within you when you encounter them? Are there people in your life that you care a little too much about their opinion than you really should?

One of the most common fears we face on a regular basis is the "fear of man." Sometimes, we're afraid of what people might say about us, think about us, or do to us. I have also learned that those who try their best to convince me that this isn't something they struggle with, are also wrestling with this kind of battle (often on a deeper level than they're willing to admit).

Truthfully, it isn't hard to see why people become fearful of other people. In this world, who has hurt you the most... rabid dogs, great white sharks, poisonous snakes, or other people? We all have the same answer to that question. Other people may have slandered us, caused us physical or emotional pain, and may have intentionally conveyed a stand-off attitude toward us that keeps us at a distance.

Because of what we've experienced in the past, it's reasonable to be concerned about what people might have the potential to do to us in the future. That's certainly something the early church that Peter wrote his letters to would have been wrestling with as they experienced persecution, suffering, and disdain in their culture. But becoming overly fearful of other people isn't Christ's desire for His church.

So, if we've been wrestling with the fear of other people, what kind of counsel do we find in God's word to help us overcome that struggle?

Giving up fear and getting on with life

Giving up fear and getting on with life

When you look through the Scriptures, you'll find two different forms of fear mentioned. One kind of fear is healthy and good. The other is a detriment to our life and faith.

The healthy kind of fear that is spoken of in the Scriptures is the "fear of God." When the word fear is being used in that context, it's speaking about "reverence" or "awe." The fear of God is a healthy respect for God that acknowledges His great power and authority. We're encouraged to live in, or practice that kind of fear because it's healthy.

The other kind of fear that's spoken of in Scripture is an unhealthy terror or dread related to people or circumstances that we don't have the ability to control. That's not a healthy fear to live in, because it influences us to forget about God's sovereign ability to work out His will in all kinds of circumstances. That kind of fear produces anxiety in our lives because it makes us think we have to try to bring under control the kind of things that only God can control.

With that in mind, how can we give up the pattern of living with unhealthy fear? What do we need to know and what do we need to practice in order to live a life of faith, not fear?