“It was a blessing from God that He gave us John as the speaker for our church’s retreat. He was very helpful and loving from the start when we reached out to him. One of our members had previously known John and recommended him to deliver the message that we needed to hear and he did just that with eloquence and grace. Though John spoke with biblical truths, he spoke also with humor and we loved every bit of it. We at BCCC were truly blessed by John’s messages and have been impacted by them as the Holy Spirit continues to work the truths spoken in our lives. We are grateful that God has blessed John with his ministry and his passion to serve others in his life while encouraging his family and church to do the same.”
— Kevin Chu - Brooklyn Community Christian Church


John's primary ministry is to Core Creek Community Church where he serves as the lead pastor. He also regularly speaks for retreats, colleges, camps, various organizations, and special events.



John is available to speak to your church, group, or organization on the following subjects: spiritual growth, leadership, marriage and parenting, church planting, pastoral ministry, financial stewardship, and personal development. Please let him know the theme of your event and the demographic of your expected audience and he will tailor his presentation in such a way to provide maximum value to your group.  



Each training workshop is approximately 90 minutes in length, but can be extended for groups that want to go into additional depth.  Multiple workshops can also be hosted on the same day if related topics would be beneficial for your group to study.

  • 1. Understanding your real identity (and why it truly matters)

  • 2. Secrets to lasting in leadership over the "long term"

  • 3. How to get things done: Productivity, efficiency and time-management in the leader's life

  • 4. Intentional Investments 1: Your Spiritual Health

  • 5. Intentional Investments 2: Your Physical Health

  • 6. Intentional Investments 3: Your Relational & Marital Health

  • 7. 10 things I would do if I was handed a dying or declining church

  • 8. Dealing with difficult and joy-draining people

  • 9. Finding motivation when you're feeling "stuck"

  • 10. Casting a vision and creating a culture within your organization

  • 11. Identifying new leaders and investing in your team

  • 12. Character counts: "Becoming a person of character in a character-starved generation"

  • 13. Bouncing back from burnout

  • 14. Leading "change" in your congregation

  • 15. Leadership starts at home

  • 16. Overcoming anxiety and momentum paralysis

  • 17. How to prepare and preach biblically faithful / personally motivating sermons

  • 18. Eighteen indespensible traits of godly church leadership

  • 19. Building a Christ-centered marriage

  • 20. Creating a "discipleship culture" in your local church

  • 21. Leading a "living room" Bible study

  • 22. Creating a "pipeline" for a healthy, growing church

  • 23. Raising up and reaching out: Developing leaders and connecting with your community through generous hospitality

  • 24. Reducing Stress through Systems and Stages: Implementing systems and understanding the way a church operates during different stages of its development.



Are you interested in working with John or learning more about inviting him to speak to or train your leaders, organization or group?  Please fill out the form below and he will gladly get back to you to learn how best he can serve you and your organization.

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