We are grateful to have the privilege to make biblical teaching available through our online ministry to listeners and readers throughout the world.  With regularity, we have been blessed to hear from people who utilize this content on a daily basis.

We have been blessed to receive messages from:

  • Those with vision impairments who listen to "The Chapter-A-Day Audio Bible" because of their difficulty reading.
  • New believers who read the blog or listen to "The Informal Bible Study" with the goal of growing in their faith.
  • Believers who have drifted from a steady walk with the Lord and are in the process of recommitting their lives to Christ.
  • Christians with very busy schedules who utilize our podcasts at work, at the gym, or on the road.
  • Seekers who are learning what the word of God teaches for the very first time.

Your support for this ministry helps us cover our monthly hosting, production, website, and communication expenses.  As this ministry has grown and our expenses have increased, we have been blessed by the generosity of listeners to amply supply all we have needed.  

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