• Have you ever considered planting a new church OR revitalizing an established church that has fallen into decline?
  • Have you ever considered starting a Bible study with the long-term goal that it become a self-supporting, local congregation?
  • Do you believe God may be calling you into pastoral ministry, but you aren't completely sure where to begin that journey?

Maybe I can help.

I am the Director of a mission organization that focuses on church health and multiplication and we are actively seeking church planters, Bible study leaders, and pastors who feel called to help plant new churches and revitalize struggling churches.

We provide assessment, training, networking, coaching, and credentialing for qualified candidates.  In some contexts, we also provide honorariums, partial start-up funding, and partial salary to leaders with a proven track record.

If you're interested in learning more, send me a quick message.  At present, we are seeking quite a few men to begin Bible studies with the long-term goal of establishing self-supporting, local congregations. Maybe we would be a good fit to work together?  What do you think?


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